We currently have about 60 Chromebooks in grades 5-6, across 4 schools. The feedback from classroom teachers has been positive. We use the Management Console to customize access, pre-load apps, etc. for different locations. Students have been creating all manner of Google content, and loving it!

One additional thing would be nice though; cloud-ready printers. The way we're doing the cloud printing is kludgey.

Susan Briere
Technical Support, RNESU

Chromebooks: We like Chromebooks and have tested them. They seem to have low IT load, easy wirless admin, and be a great school computer. We are looking at their  Java issues. (We are interested in the Lenovo Education Chromebook too, any users our there?). We'd keep the iPads for the tactical younger kids below 6th grade, and the Macbooks for media editing. 

TS endorsement. Single classes. Workshops.