We have 3 iPads in each classroom, so we created a grade-level email & Apple ID.  Because the iPads don't store a lot of data or apps, we do have them set to backup to the Cloud.  Teachers know the Apple ID & password so that they can download free apps.  They have to contact me to purchase apps, which I do through the VPP.  The iPads are set to automatically download apps that are added to the grade-level account, so I just make sure that I purchase enough licenses.

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Wondering for those whose classrooms have sets of ipads , how do you handle the apple ids for these devices?  These are district owned devices inventoried to a teacher/classroom but not maintained in a cart as such.  Do you continue to use the teacher's existing school email for apple id? Make up a new gmail /email and apple id for all of the devices (all are under one id, one icloud account..), etc? Other?

Thinking ahead to possible models as we acquire sets of ipads for use in classrooms.  

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