We are using the Samsung Chromebooks for our 1:1 program for 5-8 grade which is 90 Chromebooks.  We are not using Moodle but are using Haiku LMS which is very similar.  So far all features in Haiku run fine on the Chromebooks.  What we are running into more trouble with is having enough bandwidth so that the Chromebooks have a good connection and durability.  Do not get the Series 5 Chromebooks!  They are not durable.

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I, too, must got my Chromebook and am just now working the ins and outs of it.
I am trying to use it for everything to see how often I have to go back to my Macbook, Windows, or Linux computers. 
Here's a little article that helped me look for what to look for

I use Moodle to teach my Grad class at Marlboro, and everything I've done this week seems to work.    We tend to not say "within"  Moodle much except for the Announcement page,  the weekly post, and the gradebook. Is there a specific feature you would  like me to test?

Since all participants in our Google Tools For Schools Institutes will be getting a Chromebook for our Summer Institute,  I'm running through each of the activities to see where I might find glitches.  It is too early for me to tell whether the Chromebook can become a primary computer for educators, or whether it will become part of a whole picture toolset, but I think it will be important for all our participants in our Summer Institute to leave the week with a better understanding of what it is like to work in this environment so they can make more informed choices for their schools  and for their students. I'm seeing that there may be times when having a 2nd computer at a home is going to be desireable for families where there is currently only 1 computer. There is certainly a pecking order for the family computer.   (Goodness, its hard to believe we have moved the question to - "how can we find a way for each of our families to have a computer in their home"  to "how can we find a way for each of our students to have access to a computer when they need it".  

  So the query is just beginning for me about Chromebooks and this summer we hopefully will have 100 educators joining this query. If you have any educators you want to send our way to join us in this query, send them to googletoolsforschools.org to sign up  for 3 credits, a Chromebook and some amazing learning.  We have 10 amazing teacher leaders teaching the Google Tools For Schools courses this summer.  So keep sending us your Chromebook questions and we can't promise we know the answer yet, but we are eager to try to find out.

This morning,  my problem I'm trying to solve is how to get pictures/movies off my iPod touch/  iPhone  into my Chromebook to edit in We Video.  I'll let you know what I find out.


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We are testing the Samsung Chromebooks and experiencing the same advantages and disadvantages as others on the list.  We are currently running Moodle 1.x and plan on migrating to Moodle 2.x in the future.  Is anyone using Moodle 2.x and does it work on the Chromebooks?  If you are which 2.x version are you running?


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