I'm almost ready to send this out as an announcement, (but thought I'd send out the info that relates to your question) to you today

It is not exactly what you are looking for in that it is not a "whole"  course in app design, but a way to "Get Started with App/Games Development)

I attended a Getting Started workshop at ISTE and learned there were so many pathways to take.  In my survey I did here on School IT last week,  there were again all types of different pathways people where taking.  So I thought, let's bring all these folks together to share their methods and get some speakers who are doing it professionally to join us.

So here's what I have so far.  
A date:  July 19
A place:  Champlain College
Some speakers.   Alumns from Champlain College who have started a Game Studio with 2 APPS so far
Brinam Woods Studio  (and possibly more coming soon)
Food:  Great  choices  from  Champlain College Cafeteria

On Your Way to Making iPad Apps (Bonus Day Event - July 19)

Making iPad Apps is making its way into the lives of middle school students.  Is this a topic you or your school has started to explore? This session will be an opportunity for you to share the tools you have explored to develop games and apps with students and learn from others. We will start with a keynote workshop featuring Marguerite Dibble (founder of  Birnam Woods Studio) sharing the journey of her team towards the production of two games that are playable on mobile devices (LOC and PATHOGEN).   Bring your laptop and get ready to tinker with the tools used by professional app developers as well as tools that students (middle school and up) can access to start their journey to developing iPad Apps and Games.  You will get a chance to meet and collaborate with other educators who are currently offering or designing curriculum that includes app development. Come and network with your colleagues who are also on their way to Making iPad Apps and Games with students. Bring your own laptop)

I'm getting ready to send "official announcement" on this..
still working out the last few details..
but perhaps this info could help your teacher and others

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Does anyone know of a workshop/course on app design and creation? I have a teacher who is interested.


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