I had never noticed this before.. so I decided to try it with the notes I'm
taking at the workshop I'm attending today.
I looks like it works from my Gmail account as described...
This document has the the setting to private  with 2 people having access.
Then I hit publish and got this URL
I tested it in another browser and it seems to work..

So the question is can we replicate the process from within a Domain...
So I tried it with a document from inside one of the domains I have access
and it seemed to work

But I seem to remember some complaints about inconsistent or unpredictable
results like those mentioned here.

Eric's speculations seems like a very probable one and worth exploring..
I'll do more playing with this idea, Eric.  And I'll also bring this up
next week during our GCT retooling session at Google headquarters.

It's a great place to bring some of issues that leave us scratching our

Bjorns method is the method I usually use.. but I'll try to see if I can
replicate the problem Diane described.


On Fri, Apr 5, 2013 at 9:30 AM, Diane Stacy <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Help!
> On this page:
> Google says:
>  "presentations published to the web
> When you publish a Google document, presentation, or spreadsheet to the
> web, anyone who has the URL to your publication can view it no matter what
>  visibility option<>you’ve chosen – private, anyone with the link, or public."
> In our experience so far, this does not seem to be true--it asks for a
> login every time...
> Farther down the page they describe the exact situation we have, but it
> does not work the way they say it will:
> Google says: "You’re working on an event flyer in Google Docs that’s set
> to the “private” visibility option and shared only with a small committee
> of people. Just before the event, you publish your document to the web and
> post a link to your now published flyer on a variety of websites. Anyone
> who comes across the link can visit the published web version"
> From your experience, what visibility options do I need to set and what
> administrative settings do I have to have on "DRIVE" for the domain to be
> able to "publish" a google spreadsheet to the web and put the url of that
> published doc on a public google site and have it display for anyone
> viewing the site without having to log in?  The public site works fine
> without the document.
> Thanks,
> Diane
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