Thanks so much for the info! I love this listserv, so many knowledgable educators.


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Subject: Re: Question about Green Screen 'studio'

Hi Linda,


The 5x7 screen will be fine for one person sitting, but that’s about it. If you have a smooth wall, you can just paint it a nice, bright green (any color would do, but green is used because we don’t have green skin tone, and usually don’t wear green clothing). Lighting is important – usually two lights of equal intensity at 45 degree angles to the screen to cancel shadows. You will also need to have at least two lights on the subject that don’t bleed onto the screen. Most important: the better the camera, the better the chromakey will turn out – less artifacting and more believable keys. If you’re going to invest the money, don’t go cheap on the camera (less than $1500) – it will be less frustrating in the long run. Also, get a couple of wireless lavaliere microphones for everything, especially interviews.


Rick Ricciardi


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Subject: Question about Green Screen 'studio'


Good morning,


I'm looking for any advice about creating a Green Screen 'studio' in our school.  I have a room off my library and would love to turn it into a studio and am putting together a proposal to seek funding.


Lucie deLABruere, has been a font of knowledge, as usual, but wanted to check with others to see if anyone had additional advice.


Here's what I'm looking at so far—suggestions about anything else, particularly about a recommended video camera which shoots decent video, holds up to student use, and plays well with Apple computers?


Green Screen Starter Kit

MacBook (with extra storage) and iMovie

Separate Hard Drive

Video camera


What else am I missing?  This space will be available for grades 6 – 12.


Many thanks! (apologies for multiple posts if you are on both listservs.