Ray, Google Admins can manage the storage.  Which from what I understand is that if you purchase an extra 20 gigs you can apply and move that extra storage to any account you want.   Not quite pooled storage but something:


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On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 2:31 PM, Raymond Ballou <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Google needs to provide a way for schools to buy pooled storage.

The existing solution (last I checked, recent months) allowed only for individual storage purchases.

That is a headache and a management nightmare.

Additionally, if I buy extra storage (say 100gb) to share with my users, that doesnt solve the problem.

No indivdual user (so I have read) would ever be able to add more than 5gb into that pool.

And for every gb they add into the pool, they lose a gb in their personal drive.

Doesnt matter where the storage is being used (my account, someone else's) the limits are per user.

So I could store 105gb of stuff, but all my users would still be stuck at the 5gb limit.



that second link (a comment near the end) says it works if you manually change owenership, I dont consider that a viable solution (if it works).

"it is possible to transfer ownership of all documents from one user to another, which then means you are moving the quota used too. It has to be done manually, so it will be some extra work"

When I look at my GAEE storage levels I see
25gb limit for gmail
5gb limit for drive



I promised some of you I'd try to find some answers to some of your lingering questions.