The definition of 1:1 is what it has always been from the AOE perspective.. 1:1 computing is 1 computer to 1 child.  A dedicated machine for that student all throughout their school day.  Basically, it is their personal device.  They carry it, they care for it, etc.

If you are not doing this with the program, then you are best to look elsewhere for a solution, as the pricing, the professional development and all aspects of it are geared towards one computer, one child.   If you simply want machines.. you can do better price wise with other vendors.

That said.. we are leaving it up to schools to determine what grade levels they choose for the initiative.. A classroom, a grade level, a wing of the building, the entire school, all students with names ending in Y... you can decide that aspect but the computer needs to be dedicated to them.


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Just wanted to say we would love a Rutland date.  We'd even be willing to host if you need a location.

That said, I do have a question.  I know the program is about 1:1...  how do they define 1:1...  some of my teachers are starting to ask about iPads for the classroom, but we are pretty far from a true 1:1...more like looking for best price on 20 for now, and maybe more later...

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Hello all:

The Vermont Showcase Demonstration Event slated for May 2 and 3 is coming along.    There is limited room in our venue for those days, so if you can help us by keeping your participation to 1 or 2 folks that would help.
The registration link is now on our web page, along with all the other information, proposals, etc. etc.

The best way for participants to get the most out of the day is to do a little homework... familiarize yourself with the different options and come with questions specific to your situation... There may be some questions that don't get answered if we are still in state based negotiations, but those questions can inform some of that work too.

Remember.. same agenda both days.. pick one or the other to attend.

A couple of things to alert you about in the meantime:

I will be doing a road show of sorts over the next two weeks.. making my way about the state between the April vacations..My intent is to provide a way for folks far away from Montpelier to see the devices and have a chance to delve a bit into the proposals.   I am not quite an expert yet on all the various nuances, but I can do my best.. and any questions you have for vendors that I can't answer we'll record and I can ask when we see the vendors in May.   I will have all of the devices with me for your review.

I will be in the following locations for the better part of the day on these dates:

April 16:   Newport VT, at the Central office for North Country schools.. the address is
338 Highland Ave Suite#4
Newport, VT 05855
I will post a sign for the room we are going to be hosting in...going to be there from about 9-3 or so.

April 17: Burlington School District Central Offce
Address:  150 Colchester Ave. Burlington..
I will be there from 9-3.  Please email me your intent to come by and
IMPORTANT: parking is limited, if you come with other people, please carpool.

April 26:  Southeast Vermont Learning Collaborative
Dummerston VT. (ESA Office)
I will be there from 9-3 or so.
Directions can be found here<>

Rutland is a possibility, but not confirmed yet.

These road show events are not necessary to register for, but I would appreciate an email letting me know when you would like to come if you are in that region.



Peter Drescher
Education Technology Coordinator
Vermont Agency of Education
Integrated Support for Learning Division
120 State St.
Montpelier, VT  05620
Ph.: 802.828.5149<tel:802.828.5149>
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