We had a weird problem where this happened with vidoe downloaded to machines when people were logged into accounts on a Mac server.  We found out that by just creating local accounts, the problem was solved.

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Try using this:


I had a linux machine create .mov files and they worked on linux and windows, not the mac. When I converted, from mov to mov they worked.

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Did you try installing The Perian Plugin for Quicktime? That may enable you to open and export with Quicktime.

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(For you Mac users out there)

After spending a few hours trying to solve this, I quit.

My Sony digital video cameras create .mov files, which iMovie, iPhoto and Quicktime all refuse to open (unsupported file format) in OS X 10.7x (or 10.8x).  Cheating, by changing the file extension, doesn't help.  I'm trying to find the quickest, simplest way to convert these files - so teachers can use the cameras and work with iMovie '11.

Can do it via VLC's Streaming/export wizard, but this is NOT for newbies.

Any "free" app for this (and I tried LOTS of them) come with watermarks or other serious limitations.

Freemake Video Converter is Windows only.

Toast will do this, but it's not free.

I spent a lot of time in the Apple forums, and have now run into a dead end.  Advice?  Again, I need this to be extremely simple for classroom teachers (otherwise, I'll be spending a lot of time converting files for everyone).


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