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My Northern VT Road show over the last couple of days went well.. steady stream of folks coming to each of the venues throughout the two days.. Newport on Tuesday, Burlington on Wed. 


Thanks to all that attended.. I thought it was some great communication on the various packages and it helped me to get a sense of where interests lie and what components are most important.  I think people appreciate the opportunity at having a crack at a solution that emcompasses the whole package, PD, warranty, service, disposal, etc. etc. 


Special thanks to my hosts, Burlington School District and especially Paul Irish … and North Country Supervisory Union with John Peters getting special mention there.. Thanks for the hospitality!


I still stand on the principle that was touched upon frequenty during the course of the two days..  it is about the value-added… I had a couple of folks come by that were clearly interested in machines only, if that is your case, then this opportunity is not necessarily the best for you.. you can do better price wise, looking elsewhere to just buy machines.  This is a full comprehensive package. 


I am doing a Southern pair over the next week or so….. Friday the 26th, I will be in Brattleboro at the ESA office out in Dummerston , and JUST ADDED.. one on the 29th in Rutland.. 6 Church St. downtown Rutland.    Again, would appreciate an email letting me know you are coming, but no registration required on those events.   


A few observations to share about reactions, questions asked, etc.


·         All that came said they thought the opportunity to actually see the devices was very useful.  Even though they could certainly explore them online, seeing the “packages” was very useful. 

·         Many indicated they would still attend on May 2 and 3 to ask questions directly of the vendors.   (Remember, you can attend either day for that one).. Registration is open and here.

·         The definition of 1:1.. how you configure it at your school.. gradewise, class etc. is a local decision.. BUT to get the biggest bang from this program, you must dedicate one computer to one child.  Dedicated machine that is for that student all throughout their school day (and home if locally, you choose to do that).



Some questions that were raised and that can be addressed with vendors on May 2 and 3:  (some of these also are points for our state-based negotiations as well.


·         If folks have an existing 1:1 program, is there some way that can be rolled in as far as professional development?   I believe this could be a negotiating point, but suspect that it will involve more money.

·         Can the opportunity be a rolling opportunity, whereby schools can join after this year?   It is probable that can be accomplished, the pricing structure would change based on the number of years.  4 is the current scheme.

·         How will professional development be handled across the state?  This is a negotiating point, and one that will need to be figured out depending on schools that are interested.  It is certainly a key point we are working on at the state level.. 



Those were some of the larger questions raised over the two days… I believe there is significant interest and we are pleased by the response from schools   and especially school leaders considering these types of programs for their students. 


Hope to see some of you next week in Brattleboro and the following week in Rutland..





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