Anyone with AeroHive ever get a lot of CAPWAP issues?  Our APs at one location keep "napping" and disappearing (no connection) to the Hive Manager so the clients kinda "pause" for about a minute.  SonicWall devices at our two locations are similar, one (that does not sleep) has static IP and higher bandwidth than our napping location (same ISP).  We have the APs handling DHCP on segregated VLAN...

Well, anyone with anything like this in the past (or present)?  If you want to chat instead of email let me know...

The fine folks at AeroHive have been helpful, but still no solution...

Thanks in advance.

Keith "Digger" Puffer

Technology Assistant
Waterbury-Duxbury School District, Vermont
802-244-6100 (CBMS)
802-244-7195 (TBPS)
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