We were offered fiber to two of our four buildings and microwave data (dish on top of the schools) to the other two from VTel.  Sovernet offered physical fiber to every school.

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any reason schools weren't offered this service?

I would have to dig a bit to find it, but I think the VFC offer we were given was $1,000/mo for about 50mb.


"Vermont Telephone Co. (VTel), whose footprint covers 17,500 homes in the Green Mountain State, has begun to offer gigabit Internet speeds for $35 a month, using a brand new fiber network. So far about 600 Vermont homes have subscribed."

The company was able to afford the upgrades largely by winning federal stimulus awards set aside for broadband. Using $94 million in stimulus money

Mr. Guite says it remains to be seen whether what VTel is doing is a “sustainable model.”