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> Hi Kent,
>  I am posting this question on the VTLEPS list in case others are faced
> with this quandry:
> These questions have come up while entering past years of data.

Great idea Terri. Thanks for posting these! It is a good idea to share
these here so everyone learns. Everyone should keep putting up more
questions like this here!

> 1. We are to report White Admirals as Red Spotted Admirals?  (I have been)
>     do we make a note in comments that x were White Admirals and x were
> intergrade?

eButterfly is not putting up  forms or subspecies, at least not yet. Your
case above is a rather easy one for us here in Vermont, but If you think
about it, for all species across all of North America, it would be hard and
there is a lot of disagreement on them. So for now, just mention it in the
comments would be great. I am hoping, at least for some like this one, that
we can add them to the checklist at some point.

> 2. How about Tiger Swallowtails ? I have been entering them as
> Canadian.... even those that had some Eastern Characteristics.
Yeah, Tigers are a pain for sure. I have a hard hard time with them. Early
season individuals are almost certainly Canadian. But as you mention,
especially down in your neck of the woods, there are those that have both
traits and may actually represent hybrids. Then there is always the whole
issue of Appy which we have not found here but who knows.... Make the best
call you can is all I can say. Notes in comments are great. I should do a
special web page for us on IDing these darn tigers. I might throw that
together and then perhaps others, more knowledgeable than me, can help us
improve it and build on it as we learn more. For now, I do like the WI site:
a little help.

> 3. I had a Fiery Skipper last year and entered it as Unknown species with
> the id in the comments section ...picture included is that right?
I think I saw that and need to vett it. If Fiery is not on the VT checklist
in the system, I will make sure we add it right away. I think that is what
you mean. And indeed, if you don't see something on the checklist, just put
it in as Unknown species and put in comments.

> 4. Do we use Unknown species for those that we know the species...for?
> like Duskywing sp, or Crescent sp.?
I am hoping to add a bunch of things like this ASAP. That way, like for
VBS, we know you saw them while doing the checklist but you couldn't quite
get an ID on them. It might help someone that is doing some sort of
diversity study or the like if they want an account of everything you saw
for example. Also, it is nice if you have a photo and can't ID it to
species but you can to genus.

> I really do like the eButterfly websight! Thanks for all your work.
> Terri , Bennington

Glad you like it so far and are using it Terri. We really appreciate it and
we are trying to improve it as fast as we can. It is going to get better
and better!