Hi folks!

My friend and classmate, Sam Jaffe, is on a mission and he needs your

I mentioned Sam's work with caterpillars several months ago prior to his
visit to Vermont to give a lecture on caterpillars with North Branch Nature
Center.  Those who were able to attend his talk can attest to his skill and
expertise with both caterpillar ecology and their use in environmental
education.  Without describing his project in depth, I encourage you to
check out his kick-starter page and consider supporting him in his work.


As his page speaks for itself, I see no further need to elaborate besides
to say "check it out!"


p.s. Mourning Cloak flying in the Montpelier forest this afternoon.

Larry Clarfeld
Environmental Educator
Youth Birding/Amphibian Monitoring Coordinator

North Branch Nature Center
713 Elm St.
Montpelier, VT 05602

(802) 229-6206
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