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Greetings Bird and Dragonfly Enthusiasts,

NH Audubon is currently compiling data on butterfly distributions in the state as a prelude to a statewide butterfly survey (yes, we're finally getting hopeful it may happen by next year). We've gone through the UNH collection, got many records from Harvard's MCZ, and even incorporated some individual datasets. After all this, we've identified a handful of species we think occur in NH but for which we have no data. Given that many ode and bird folks also keep an eye or camera out for butterflies in their travels, you may have actually encountered some of these species! If so, we'd REALLY like to know. The key information will be the location (at least to town, if possible), date, observer(s), and type of record (visual, photo, specimen). Any other details, including lat-long, are also welcome.

Pipevine Swallowtail         Battus philenor
Southern Dogface            Zerene cesonia
Cherry Gall Azure            Celastrina serotina (this is a recent split off the Spring Azure)
Hessel's Hairstreak          Callophrys hesseli
White M Hairstreak          Parrhasium m-album
American Snout               Libytheana carinenta
Bog Fritillary                    Boloria eunomia
Tawny Emperor               Asterocampa clyton
Tawny Crescent               Phyciodes batesii
Jutta Arctic                      Oeneis jutta
Hoary Edge                     Achalarus lyciades
Broad-winged Skipper      Poanes viator

Information should be sent to Vanessa Jones ([log in to unmask]).

And while I've got you all, if anyone has a larger data set they'd like to share, we'd still be happy to incorporate it in our analysis. Contact Vanessa for  more details.

Thanks in advance, and happy spring,

Pamela D. Hunt, Ph.D.
Avian Conservation Biologist
Audubon Society of New Hampshire
84 Silk Farm Road
Concord, NH  03301

(603) 224-9909 extension 328
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