Actually, this is done automatically by the server. The user, you, must ask the server to do that if you want it. To do this go to and log into subscribers corner. Under header style you choose "subject". See below.

Header Style: Check this box to report on the "header style" subscriptions that are set to receive for list postings. Possible header styles are:

  • Full: Normal headers for list postings. List name is always the To: header.
  • Subject: Same as "Full", but a subject-tag identifying the list is added to the subject header of all postings.
  • Short: Only the bare minimum headers (To:, From:, Date:, and Subject:) are included. This setting will break MIME messages; therefore, it should only be used on lists that allow plain text or for subscribers using mail clients that cannot handle MIME mail.
  • Dual: Same as "Full", but the main headers are repeated inside the message text as well. This is to accomodate some old mail software that did not process Internet mail properly, and is mostly obsolete.
  • IETF: Headers are exactly the same as those sent by the original sender, with the possible exception of adding a "Sender:" line (depending on the list configuration). This may break filters on some mail clients that rely on all list mail having certain mail headers look the same on all list postings.
  • Full (822): "Full" mail headers (like the default) except that the To: header contains the recipient's email address instead of the list address.


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On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 4:26 AM, Shelagh Smith <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Could I make a request that posters please put VTLEPS in the Subject Line.  I don't know who most of you are, and without that clue I send your posts to Spam to be on the safe side!  TIA.
Shelagh Smith in Leicester.