MEDLIB-L members, apologies for duplication. If 
you have not yet responded, we would appreciate 
your input and opinions for the following two 
surveys. Thanks much in advance for any information you can provide!

-->> Reporting and Value Survey for Library 
Directors or One-Person Medical Libraries
The MLA Board of Directors and the 
MLA/Association of Academic Health Sciences 
Libraries Ad Hoc Metrics Task Force seek your 
input on data, metrics, and ideas that can show 
the value of librarians and the library within your institutions.

Please take about fifteen minutes to tell us how 
you measure and report the value of your library 
staff and services. Your information­along with a 
number of recent studies, articles, and future 
updates to MLANET­will inform an ongoing campaign 
for medical librarian visibility, expertise, and 
value. Thank you very much in advance for your 
help! Take the survey now or before April 23, 2013.


-->> Wanted: Stories about Library Value
What is the value of your library­and your 
professional service­to the practitioners you 
work with? Have your users, practitioners, 
consumers, or administrators commented, emailed, 
or written to you with compliments about you, 
your library, or your library’s services, or have 
you received great comments anonymously from a 
user survey? Do you have more general stories 
about promoting the value of your library, eureka 
moments, “how I saved the day,” or “how I made a 
connection and gained an advocate” stories you can share?

We would like to hear your comments and 
stories­and share them with your colleagues and 
on the web in an ongoing campaign for medical 
librarian visibility, expertise, and value.

Visit the Library Value Stories Survey to tell us 
your stories—and how we can use them—by April 30.

Thank you!

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