as not to spoil the forthcoming TR on FIS, i'll leave you with some bullet points (my specialty) highlighting some of the details

-7 friends (2 came from all the way out west!)
-one 12 passenger rental van with CT tags and 200mi on the odometer 
-before we left, we went to k-mart and bought almost every american flag they had
-left burlington @ 3pm friday 5th
-sat in the border crossing lobby for an hour
-farted in autumn's sleeping bag on the floor of a motel north of rimouski for 4 hours
-skied (rode) six straight days in unbelievable settings (chutes, pow, peel-away, woods, bowls, ocean-side, kite-skied on a lake)
-ate so much poutine i had to start ordering off the kids menu
-bought 120 beers the first day, ran out 2 days later. (the beer cart scene in the video was beer-run #2)
-stayed in an 8 person cabin complete with wood stove and kitchen (only one toilet though....poor guy)
-ate horse meat tacos
-drank a handle of canadian club
-acquired one "jammy-pack" in the mail
-video camera wouldn't work at all the first day, then i erased all the footage from the second day (win)
-saw 3 moose, 0 caribou 
-dwayne swam in the seaway
-i saw 6 other skiers the whole time (all during the first 2 days. saw zero skiers after that)
-one member managed 1 shower for the duration of the trip (we were keeping tally on the chalkboard in the kitchen)
-had the BEST RUN OF MY LIFE (no exaggeration! didn't make the video, but there might be a photo in the TR) 
-come to think of it...i think everyone may have had the best runs of their lives
-put 1700mi on the van
-back to VT at 1am friday 12th
-next day was jortski at stowe (i blacked out for most of it, but i heard it was fun) to come

overall, it was a just an F'N BLAST cruising around quebec in a big van with my best friends and an american flag out the window...crushing mountains, beer cans, dance floors and tim hortons.

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