Tuesday I was looking at the weather forecast for the next week and decided to take Wednesday off and ski.  Tuesday it rained in the Champlain Valley pretty hard, so I wasn't sure what I would find.

I was 5 runs shy of skiing 400 runs at Stowe for the season, so I started off with a few cruisers.   Lord - North Slope was skiing really well, so I decided after my first run to open it up on my second.  Even with rockered skis I broke 64mph on the North Slope pitch.  I then checked out Nosedive, which was groomed up to the steps.  It also skied very well with speeds in the high 50s.

After breaking 400 runs, I went in to the Octagon and had a coffee and breakfast sandwich.  I did a quick Liftline which skied really well.  Then I did a RimRock to Gondolier.  The snow there was amazing.  Gondolier and Perry Merill were also groomed.  I didn't want to trudge back, so I grabbed the bullet on the last pitch and broke 60mph.

Then I returned to the Front Four.  I tired National's headwall and was able to edge into it.  The bumps were becoming fantastic.  I kept looping on Liftline/National hoping to meet people to ski with.  The first group I ran into wanted to hit Gondolier again.  When we got to Perry Merrill and looked up,  the trail above us looked amazing.  The next run we turned left off of Rim Rock and hiked up a bit to come out higher on Gondolier and Perry Merrill.  We chose Gondolier and it was amazing.  Your skis sunk in an inch or two, it was like untracked cream cheese.  It was sad to reach where Rim Rock emptied into it.  It was so good, we did it again but skied Perry Merrill.  Again it was some of the finest turns made all season.

I also did Hackets Highway from the top of Lookout.  This was probably the boniest skiing we had all day.  Once we picked our way through it, down to where it joined Starr was great.  The waterfall after that was not very good.  The cut over to Liftline was not ski able either.  

All and all, it was a great day.  Got to ski with many great people.  Enjoyed to reebs in the parking lot with them afterwards in the warm sun.

Looking out my office window in Williston, it is raining.  Tomorrow it supposed to reach 70+.  Regardless, I am still optimistic for this weekend.  As GP pointed out, using the Stowe Bypass you can get tickets for $49.  If you go to the ticket window they will charge you $60.

Sunday looks to be a rager!


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