How well does that dainty fancy seat upholstery handle farts?
Mark P. Renson

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Man, that turned out to be a world class troll, with the usual suspects responding as expected.
However, like all stereotypes, there is always a grain of truth to the troll.
I go off-road. A lot.
I've never been stuck
I've never been in the ditch.
I can (and do) pull a big trailer loaded with stuff.
I can hold a bunch of tools plus sheets of plywood and drywall in the bed (with the tailgate down, it's roughly 8 feet) which is essential for my construction projects.
I get a lot of ooohs and aaaahs from other truck guys.
My legal client base reacts MUCH better than if I was driving, say a Beemer, which would feed directly into their stereotypes about lawyers (many of them are truck guys and gals as well, and the truck emphasizes that I'm, well, pretty regular too). 
As a bonus, I've yet to see someone NOT get the h*ll-outa-my-way when that massive chrome grill rolls up on their tailpipe.
Full disclaimer here:  I got 28mpg driving a leisurely pace from New Jersey to Buffalo a couple of summers ago.  I was amazed.  Around town mileage is not great (only about 2/3 of that figure if I am light on the foot, which is never).  But the highway mileage, as long as you can keep the engine running on four instead of eight cylinders, is uniformly fantastic; way beyond expectations, and enough that I've permanently shelved the idea of paying to move up to a diesel (BTW, there is a diesel 1/2 ton in the pipeline for '14)   I'd like to trade this fall for a '14 to get the new eight-speed hemi.  The mileage in those is apparently about 30% better yet, making it even harder to justify the diesel.
And yes, it's gonna be a Longhorn version, complete with the cattle-tan/etched interior.
Road bikers, you're on notice.
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On Tue, Apr 30, 2013 at 12:02 PM, Denis Bogan <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
It's a Canyonero, "two lanes wide of American pride."  (Car salesman to Homer Simpson.)

You nailed it! 
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