Thank you to all who gave us feedback on the dates and arrangements for 
the Huber Debates this coming year.

Our normal date is the first weekend in November. Some asked if we could 
move it.

The weekend before would be Harvard. The weekend after would be Oxford. 
Both of these are important tournaments to those attending our 
tournament and to us.

Two weekends before would be West Point and two weekends after would be 
Wake Forest & Cambridge. Same deal.

Or we could not have a tournament at all.

We have decided to stay with the normal date. I understand that this may 
conflict with Liberty on one side of the house and Queen's University on 
the other. Choice always has costs and tragedies.

If you want to attend and can, please do. If it would be better for you 
to go to another tournament or spend your money differently, we 
understand. We all need to make decisions that benefit the students and 
our programs.

In terms of rounds per day, there was a lot of support for keeping six 
rounds in WUDC, and while support was mixed for going to 5 rounds in 
policy, we have yet to decide. We have decided that if the policy day is 
indeed very long we will serve dinner as a quality of life measure.

Our tournament just keeps growing in total size, and we thank you for 
your support. It tends to run on time and has acceptable amenities. But 
it would be nothing without your support.

Website not yet fully updated (but will be quite soon):

Thank you,

Tuna, Jillian, James and all LDU