Fabulous instruction at an incredible price.

Register now! This will be the biggest yet and at some point we will  
be turning people away.


August 18-23 2013
University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont
Free - no charge - housing separate

Registration is the most vigorous it has ever been, so act early and  
make sure you have a space!

Each year the program produces many outstanding university debaters.  
Come and become one of them. Learn from a talented team of trainers.

WUDC debating is becoming more and more popular all over the world,  
and especially in North America. The North America Debate Academy  
tries to help students from everywhere learn how to participate in  
this exciting activity, as well as how to succeed in local, national  
and international competition.

Teachers and coaches interested in learning more or in starting a WUDC  
debate program at their school are very welcome!

Email Alfred Snider at [log in to unmask] with your registration  
information: name, school, telephone number and goals.

The program is open to those at any experience level who are willing  
to try hard. If you are not serious about improving, if you do not  
intend to work hard, please do not attend. Trainers and judges are  
welcome but will be expected to debate.

The program is located at the University of Vermont in beautiful  
Burlington, a delightful four-season tourist town with many nightlife  
attractions. The program is sponsored by the World Debate Institute,  
the Lawrence Debate Union and the University of Vermont.

Come and join us!

August 18-23 2013

Starts promptly at Noon Sunday 18 August 2013, ends Friday 6 PM 23 August 2013

High quality pre-season training in the WUDC debate format.

No charge. Attendance is free. BUT, show up on time and work hard.

Attendees provide their own housing and food. We suggest Other low cost options can be  
suggested on request.

Curriculum includes: short lectures, lots of exercises, exposure to  
many motions, two critiqued practice debates a day, innovative  
instruction. Learn ways to keep training yourself and others after you  
return home.

Sessions at Huber House, 475 Main Street, and adjacent classrooms.

Space is limited, so apply early. Application form at , send to [log in to unmask]

Faculty for 2013! More to be announced!

Joe Damiba
Debated competitively from 2006-2010 in the American Parliamentary and  
British Parliamentary debate styles as an undergrad at the Rochester  
Institute of Technology, and is now one of the coaches of Cornell  
University's internationally acclaimed World Universities Debate  
Championship team, along with being a Master's student in the  
University's Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR) School. Joe served  
as a trainer at the World Debate Institute's (WDI) 2012 Cameroon  
Debate Academy. Fluent in French.

Paul Gross, Cornell University, USA:
Breaking judge at WUDC 2013 Berlin, Yale Finalist, USU Semifinalist.  
Fellow of the World Debate Institute. Led Cornell to #1 world ranking.

Dr. Jan Hovden, Bates College, USA:
Team broke at WUDC 2013 Berlin, won Vermont and many other  
tournaments, led Bates to #34 world ranking.

John Meany, Claremont Colleges, USA. Coach of USA champion university  
team, director of USA WSDC national team, legendary debate innovator  
and outreach giant.

Jake Meany, Claremont Colleges, USA. USU semifinalist while debating  
for Vermont, has been national WSDC coach for both South Korea and USA.

John Patrick, University of La Verne. During his debate career, John  
placed at several American tournaments, and also won the 2006 USU  
National Debate Open and the 2007 USU Pan Pacific Championship. Since  
becoming a coach Mr. Patrick has broken as a judge at every national  
tournament he's attended.

Rob Ruiz, La Verne University, USA:
Director of Forensics, Convener of 2013 USU Champs, breaking judge at  
USU 2012.

John Sadek, Vermont, USA. As a debater was NEUDC champion, IDAS  
champion and USU semifinalist, breaking judge at WUDC Berlin 2013.  
Named Top Judge at US Universities Debating Championship 2013.

Dr. Alfred Snider, University of Vermont, USA: CA at many tournaments  
in USA and abroad, breaking judge at WUDC, coached NEUDC sweepstakes  
champions four years in a row. Chief Adjudicator at USU 2012. Led  
Vermont to #21 in world rankings.

2012 NADA program had:

11 fully critiqued debates
6 formal lectures
10 rigorous exercise & drill sessions
Daily informal instruction
6 free nights to enjoy Burlington, Vermont, rated by many surveys as  
America’s #1 city for quality of life.