*Office of the President*

	May 29, 2013

/*From:*/Tom Sullivan, President
Bob Low, Interim Provost and Senior Vice President

/*To:*/ University of Vermont Community

/*RE:*//**/ *Interim Appointments:****Vice President for Research and 
Graduate College Dean***

    We are pleased to announce the appointment of two highly qualified
    members of the UVM community to key interim appointments that will
    extend through June 30, 2014.

    Dr. Cynthia J. Forehand, Professor of Neurological Sciences, has
    been appointed to the position of Interim Dean of the Graduate
    College.Dr. Forehand has been a faculty member at UVM since 1987 and
    is currently Associate Dean of the Graduate College.She is a highly
    respected teacher and researcher, and has a strong record of success
    in securing extramural funding for her research.Dr. Forehand has
    published extensively within her academic discipline, and has served
    our University and other professional organizations on a variety of
    committees, task forces, and searches.

    Dr. John N. Evans, Professor of Physiology and Biophysics, has been
    appointed to the position of Interim Vice President for Research.Dr.
    Evans has been a faculty member in the College of Medicine since
    1976, and has held a number of senior leadership positions during
    his tenure at UVM including Executive Dean of the College of
    Medicine, Dean of the College of Medicine, and Senior Advisor to the
    President.In addition to his scholarly work and extensive research
    activities, Dr. Evans has broad experience in the areas of
    intellectual property, technology transfer, company start-ups,
    government and business relations, and economic development.He will
    not be a candidate for a permanent position.After completing his one
    year term as Interim Vice President, Dr. Evans will begin a two-year
    phased retirement from the University.

    We are grateful that Drs. Evans and Forehand have agreed to serve in
    these important interim roles.During the fall semester, we will be
    completing an analysis of the current structure and functions that
    have been supervised by the Vice President for Research and Dean of
    the Graduate College.This will include consideration of findings and
    recommendations made by the Faculty Senate Committee on Research,
    Scholarship, and the Creative Arts, Chaired by Professor Richard
    Galbraith.Once that process is completed, appropriate restructuring,
    if any, will be implemented and a search for new leadership for the
    resulting areas of responsibility will be initiated.Our current
    working presumption is that we will search for a single position
    next year, with an appropriate title to be determined.


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