m1 asserted:

"Snowbasin is just as good for untracked powder as Powder Mtn, if you know
the place. And Powder Mtn. does have  steeps, if you know the place (and the
side country), although not in the plenitude of Snowbasin."

We don't live there, and so have a very limited data set.  But my
experience, and the math, cause me to question your claim.  How could
Snowbasin, with 3 times the lift capacity and <1/2 the area, possibly hold
untracked as well PM:

Uphill lift capacity:  18,000/hr
In-bounds skiable area:  2,820 acres

Uphill lift capacity:  6,350/hr
In-bounds skiable area:  7,000 acres

Perhaps I think too much like a CPA, in relying on numbers,
David Merfeld

P.S.  Where, please tell, are these steeps at PM?  We looked and looked, and
could not find them.

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