I agree with M1 here. I don't know what shopping there is at Snowbasin, and the food is excellent at Snowbasin as well. I suffered at Pow Mow with the food. Not much to eat if you are gluten-intolerant or are a vegetarian. The base lodge at PowMow definitely needs help.

My fantasy would be if Snowbasin would buy PowMow and you could ski both on the same lift ticket and they would build a lodge similar to the one at Snowbasin and serve the same quality/variety of food. I don't think that would bring in any major crowds...they will all still go to Park City and Little Cottonwood resorts. It takes a little more effort to get to the Odgen area resorts, so they will always be less busy.

On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 11:16 AM, Marc Chrusch <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
At 08:52 AM 5/8/2013, David Merfeld wrote:

If you want steeps, shopping, and gourmet restaurants, you go to Snowbasin; if you want to ski untracked powder, you go to Powder.  Given the topography at Powder, they will never have steeps.  Let's hope they can avoid the shopping and restaurants.

What shopping is there at Snowbasin?

What's wrong with good food at a ski resort? Why would you want Powder Mtn to avoid the restaurants? Their food sucks right now, and that's when they have enough. (I've been there when they've sold out of burgers *and* brats - seriously? At a ski area???)

As far as shopping, they have just as much as Snowbasin. The best thing the new owners of Powder can do is raze the two old decrepit base lodges, replacing them with something more modern (but still rustic - and they needn't be at the opulence level of Snowbasin) and hire a great executive chef. The access road desperately needs regrading as well. There are several times each season when PM is inaccessible until the road is hammered into shape - there's one pitch that is something like an 11% grade.

Snowbasin is just as good for untracked powder as Powder Mtn, if you know the place. And Powder Mtn. does have  steeps, if you know the place (and the side country), although not in the plenitude of Snowbasin.

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