If you want steeps, shopping, and gourmet restaurants, you go to Snowbasin; if you want to ski untracked powder, you go to Powder.  Given the topography at Powder, they will never have steeps.  Let’s hope they can avoid the shopping and restaurants.


My favorite memory of this place was 6 years ago.  Our grandson Noah, now 12, was with us for a long weekend.  It was about 3:15, he had just finished his 27th full day of ski school, and we were taking a few runs with him:


“But Poppy, why do I have to keep taking lessons?”


“’’Cause I want you to be good enough to ski with us.”


“If I can ski with you, can I stop taking lessons?”


“Sure, but we ski the trees and the untracked; you have to keep up with us there.”


“OK, I can do it.”


“Let’s go, dude.”


And that was it.  Knee deep on us, and thigh deep on him, and he cut it up beautifully.  No more lessons for that boy.  We had created a powder junkie.  Since then, we have had to medicate him regularly with trips to the Rockies, Cascades, Wasatch, Sierras, and Alps.


We are doing the same with his 8-year-old cousin Henry, who dislikes the lessons as much as the 12-year-old.  With the wisdom of his advanced years, Noah patiently explains to Henry that Poppy and Grannie are right, and that Henry will come to thank us some day.  When that day comes, we will take Henry to Powder Mountain too, I hope.



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I hope they don't change the vibe or the mountain too much. It is truly a gem. I get out there twice a year and absolutely love it. Skip's numbers are correct so even if you only count the terrain included on a lift ticket, it's still 4000+ acres. The cat rides are only 18 bucks if you want to access the other 4000 or so acres. You can find fresh snow days after a storm. One of the great things about the area is you can ski lines in almost all of that inbounds acreage, The trails seem to be just for reference and run-outs.


Chris S

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I have skied Powder Mt but had no idea with was the largest ski resort in the US
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