Bill Johnson, Port Townsend

Patricia and all,

In my three decades of vascular scanning I have never had an issue that I
know of regarding scanning the opposite sex.  I had one patient in an E.R.
setting that appeared to be uncomfortable when I explained the procedure.
Fortunately, I was able to get a staff nurse to chaperone.  If a spouse or
female family member is present I always encourage the patient to invite
them in during the exam (not during the history taking though.)

For physical exams on arterial studies, I always begin by taking the radial
pulses - kind of like a handshake, and never go straight for the groin.

I do think we all must be sensitive to the issue, and it might be wise to
have a protocol or policy in place to protect us. I have always tried to
carefully drape my patients, female and male.  I do believe treating our
patients with attentiveness and compassion is the best form of malpractice

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