We actually use Strandness and NASCET in a combination criteria due to the many Drs. who read CTs and want us to use it. I am finding that others in the lab are just reporting on the worksheets one number, such as 20%, instead of 16-49%... I thought that was a no no...


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IAC, for every good reason, requires that the same criteria be used by all practitioners in the same lab, whether those criteria are in-house derived and validated, or one of the many published criteria sets. In-house derived (and validated) data is, in my view, likely to be more accurate and useful, but not possible in all settings. I am not aware of any published carotid stenosis criteria which are specific to the 10% range which offer acceptable accuracy. To make criteria acceptable to varying lab specifics, and because of the vagaries of how the measurement data can be derived, fairly broad ranges end up being the most predictable. That said, I know of labs which have established (and validated) tighter ranges; I haven't seen that those conditions can be applied to other institutions, generally. 
BTW, I am in need of enlightenment: I have seen, here and other places, the term "NASCET criteria" used and I don't know of any carotid stenosis criteria published as part of the North American Symptomatic Endarterectomey 
Trial papers. NASCET changed the measurement technique (distal carotid as the denominator) which virtually everybody (many grudgingly) eventually adopted, but NASCET used angiography, not US, as the measurement methodology; so help me, someone: what are the "NASCET criteria"?  

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Ok....Just a question to get your opinion...As techs, do you believe in documenting a stenosis of and exact number such as 20% for an ICA or do you feel you are unable to give an exact number and that is why we use NASCET or which ever criteria we use....
Thanks in advance....

(my opinion...if the lab uses NASCET, everyone needs to follow the criteria....and you are not able to state an exact percentage..but enlighten me please...)

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