The problem is in MHO is its the same speakers with the same content. Its not new material and none of it is ground breaking.
SDMS is a great meeting dont get me wrong, but its the same meeting from 3 years ago.

Dr Jason Roberts
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Good Morning All,
Just a humble observation....In years past, I always looked forward to receiving the SDMS annual conference program in the mail.  I was surprised this week when I received it. I remember the program being 15-20 pages of information and choices of lecture disciplines that filled the day... Multiple AM and PM choices...I find myself looking at a NINE page program with not a lot in it.  I'm honestly disappointed more than anything.. On Friday, the first day of the conference there are only 3 lectures per "track" the entire day?!  And on three of the four tracks (abdominal, Cardiac, and OB/Gyn, the same speaker is presenting 2 of the 3 talks. I'm not judging, but for national meetings, I find it more appealing to hear a broad range of speakers to hear different perspectives, delivery, etc.  what's happening here?  Are there budget cuts?  I will call the SDMS myself but was wondering if anyone else noticed this.  I'm not sure I'm getting my money's worth to fly to Vegas for this. 


Doug Marcum
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