I have found it useful to express it this way:

"I'm going to start scanning at the top of your leg."

The word "groin" makes most people squirm. The other way makes sense to them immediately.

Don Ridgway

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It IS a nightmare for such an accusation to be made. In my case, the
accusing person's account was also very inconsistent and her own counselors
ultimately ended up dismissing it as an expression of other issues she had,
but just defending myself felt dirty and humiliating. I did then, and still
do, leave the exam room door ajar, have a family member present when
possible, drape carefully and deliberately, explain every stage of the
exam, especially near the groin, and the reasons I have to do that. Most of
these things are/should be routine for every patient, just out of respect
for their dignity, but we shouldn't let the craziness of "the schedule"
force us to short cut. Be careful out there.

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