Hey EWB,

I hope everyone is having a good summer! Our meeting yesterday  
consisted of updating the inventory list and roughly talking about EWB  
summer/school year plans. Some important dates to keep in mind:

2017 class picnic/club fair- August 24th
Activities-fest- September 4th
First official EWB General Meeting-September 9th 7pm Votey

For summer plans, we will be meeting again next week in Votey,  
Thursday at 6:30. We may be running some tests on the cooler? We also  
encourage all who can to attend the EWB professional chapter meetings.  
Their next meeting is in early August, date/time to come. We discussed  
possible hiking and/or doing volunteer work this summer (along with  
other shenanigans) as a group so if anyone has any ideas feel free to  

Hope to see you next week!