Hello Fellow Birders!

My name is Rhonda Mace and I coordinate a progam called Forest Pest
Outreach Project through the Vermont Agency of Agriculture.  This project
educates the public about invasive forest pests and offers many free
programs and trainings on how to identify forest pests.  As many of you may
be aware, we are being flanked by the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), an invasive
beetle from Asia that has devoured nearly 100 million ash trees throughout
the U.S. since its discovery in 2002.  Recently Emerald Ash Borer was
detected in Concord, NH so we are amping up our efforts to look for Emerald
Ash Borer in Vermont and could use your help in doing so.

Woodpeckers have been found to be one of the easiest ways to find an EAB
infestation (and the number one predator of these destructive beetles) so
we thought who better to ask for help than the awesome birding community.
We have developed a webpage that explains how you can help protect
Vermont's ash trees during your next birding adventure.  Check it out:

Join the Woodpecker Watch today and help protect our ash resources in

Thanks and happy birding,

Rhonda Mace
Forest Pest Outreach Project Coordinator
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