Assuming the bird is a wild goose and not a farm goose, I trust that everyone realizes that a white goose doesn't necessarily have to be a Snow.  In western US, you will frequently see one or a pair of Ross's Geese spending the summer with farm ducks/geese at parks.  Just a thought...

Mike Resch
Pepperell, MA

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To help verify that it is a Snow Goose it would be good if someone would 
ake some pictures of it.
n 7/15/2013 3:20 PM, Louanne wrote:
 Snow Goose still here at Perkins Pier at 3:15 today. Preening on edge of grass 
hich has been roped off due to heavy rain damage, perhaps.


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> Took a post-dentist stroll at Burlington Perkin's Pier this noon. Parking 
ttendant told me there was a goose in a puddle at lakeside. Found a Snow Goose 
 looking ok but too calm. I sat on a bench to scan the breakwater (nearly 
nderwater) and there it was, 6 feet away, in a puddle by the lawn. This is west 
f the marina boats. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable could take a look. Goose 
ppeared lethargic in the heat..but aren't we all. Linda McElvany - Williston