Hi jason,

What is the cost for running ICP samples ?

We are in the ppm range.


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Subject: [ISOGEOCHEM] VG Prism II available

Hi All,
We have a VG Prism II that is available for use as parts or to re-commission.  It is complete including software and computers.  Last used for routine measurements about 2 years ago.  Was under vacuum with all electronics on and working until about 6 months ago (power outage occurred and we did not power the electronics back on).

System was installed as a Prism I in 1987, upgraded to a Prism II in 1991, and the Multiprep added in 1995.

Prism II with 3 collectors, plus HD spur with 2 collectors
Dual inlet
Port for continuous flow
Common acid bath (Isocarb) for carbonates (80 to 500 micrograms)
Multiprep prep system for waters and carbonates
Triple trap system for trapping gas from elemental analyzer (CO2 or N2)
10 port cracker bank for gas samples in glass tubes (with parts for 10 or 20 more ports)

Lots of spares for above.  Rotary pumps, diff pumps, bellows, cold fingers, valves, electronic components, etc.

Plus an entire extra disassembled Prism II for parts.  Includes extra electronic units.

Software is DI2.4 for dual inlet samples communicating though Prismup.

Ideally the entire instrument would go to someone in North America.  If I don't get any requests for the entire thing we will part it out.  Send me offers or requests.


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