It's well-worth keeping in mind for when "nothing" shows up on a general
that, as with books, various regional or national "editions" or versions may
be the magical key. I've not infrequently found material that "wasn't
there", simply by using search engine versions based where I think a term or
concept may have originated or been used. 

You might try, instead of ".com", other possibilities (such as ".uk", ".fr",
".no", ".es" , or whatever fits the case).  This is my hunch, but it may be
A translator or some familiarity with a relevant language is obviously
useful also.

Adam G N Moore MD
Exeter, New Hampshire

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Subject: "Optical Mileage" reference to this phrase ?

Hello Colleagues ,

The words "optical mileage" was introduced (for doing lots of histopathology
reporting ) (we think possibly by Dr AB Ackerman - however not sure ! ).

I have been asked to find the reference when these words were used -

have tried pubmed , google scholar etc - with no success - can anyone help ?

Many Thanks for any assistance !.


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