Hey EWB,
If you missed the dome outing today do not worry, there is still more work to do on it and it looks like there will be another work session next weekend. The heaviest pieces still need to be put in place so we will need the extra hands! Check out the pics of the dome (and the sheep!) on our facebook page and if you aren't part of our group on facebook, find Engineers Without Borders UVM group and join it!

A reminder that there is a work session Monday, (tomorrow) night at 6PM in the hydraulics lab on the first floor of votey to work on the portable refrigerator project. Come play with the "cool" peltiers (pun intended) and help us test different insulations. We'll be working for awhile so feel free to stop by anytime you want even if you just want to check it out.

The meeting for the sustainable hand pump design challenge will be this Thursday 9/19 at 6PM in Votey 209. We'll probably end up going to one of the computer labs in Votey to do some research once we all meet up. If your interested in coming and brainstorming pump designs, check out the challenge at http://greenpeacechallenge.jovoto.com/ and make an account to view the current designs that have been submitted. Take some time this week to read through them so we have a killer brainstorm session on Thursday and come up with something cool.

We will not have a general meeting this week because of the two work sessions planned, but we will plan on having another general meeting next Monday 9/23 at 6 PM this time instead of 7 as I know some people could not come at 7 last time. Hopefully with all these options we'll see you soon! Have a great week and let me know if you have any questions about any of the projects or EWB!

Baxter Miatke

UVM Engineers Without Borders President
Chem 31 Recitation Leader/ Learning Skills Tutor
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