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Another option is to take a lab chemical and add the calculated amount of d15N labelled chemical to adjust the d15N value to whatever value is desired. We made a large batch of histidine dissolved in water and added enough d15N labelled histidine to make a standard with the value of 25. It is necessary to completely evaporate the solution to dryness and completely grind it all together to make a very fine powder. Be sure to do multiple measurements to determine both the actual d15N value and insure that the standard is homogeneous before you use it.


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> Dear colleagues,
> in order to preserve the IAEA standards N1 and N2 we like to have  labstandards with  delta 15 values of 0  and around 20 . The zero value doesn't appear to be a problem, but a material with the higher value we can't find until now.
> Does anyone of you find a readily available material with a d15N of approx 20?
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