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> One of our music teachers is looking at this TED Talk as inspiration - to
> excite and involve more students in chorus class:
> She wants to try this on a *much* smaller scale, say 8 or 9 people, but
> we no longer have an actual video class or lab in which to assemble this
> many video streams into one, er, voice.  I wondered if a Google Hangout
> could allow us to screen capture everyone (thumbnail sized) together, live,
> with the music teacher conducting in the central/large feed in the Hangout.
>  This is more a proof-of-concept project.  Will a Hangout allow for this
> many audio feeds simultaneously, or will some voices be
> blocked/stutter/drop out - and only allow the (literally) loudest voices to
> come through?
> When I had some high end work stations and the full version of Adobe
> Premiere, we could block 8 or more areas on the editing screen and have all
> the faces appear simultaneously.  Really labor intensive, but doable.
>  We're not looking to replicate this level of quality, just looking for a
> way to integrate the live chorus with a recording of friends and family
> members during a performance.
> Thoughts?
> Drew
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