This sounds like a project in the making.

As Caleb said,  Google Hangouts will NOT work because only one person can talk at a time.

And as Dave mentioned the lag issue is part of what makes this a challenge

This is an OLDer (2007)  article "

Jam Online in Real Time New software  make online jams nearly as good as real time time

Here's another 2008 article that featured some tools

This Chrome Extension is only "amatuer" instruments (not chorus) but could be fun

Wonder what else is out there
2012 article

I've been looking for some new projects for  that could have Vermont students 'connected"  together.  This idea seems like it has some momentum to it - let's keep talking.


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Cabot School

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One of our music teachers is looking at this TED Talk as inspiration - to excite and involve more students in chorus class:

She wants to try this on a much smaller scale, say 8 or 9 people, but we no longer have an actual video class or lab in which to assemble this many video streams into one, er, voice.  I wondered if a Google Hangout could allow us to screen capture everyone (thumbnail sized) together, live, with the music teacher conducting in the central/large feed in the Hangout.  This is more a proof-of-concept project.  Will a Hangout allow for this many audio feeds simultaneously, or will some voices be blocked/stutter/drop out - and only allow the (literally) loudest voices to come through?

When I had some high end work stations and the full version of Adobe Premiere, we could block 8 or more areas on the editing screen and have all the faces appear simultaneously.  Really labor intensive, but doable.  We're not looking to replicate this level of quality, just looking for a way to integrate the live chorus with a recording of friends and family members during a performance.



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