*Supporting Technology Integration Just Got a Bit Easier*

How would you like to attend a *FREE* *Vermont Fest 2013* Pre-Conference
Workshop presented by two well respected Vermont Technology Integration
Specialists, Kristen Courcelle and Jessica Wilson?

Read on…

The old saying “two heads are better than one” was never more appropriate
than for this field.  Use the power of the group to figure out the best
approach and plan for your school/district.  As you know, in this area you
need to constantly update yourself.  What ‘best practices” are people
using?  Which professional development models are showing positive results?
 How do you guide administrators who don’t quite share your vision? What
are the latest sites and Apps that people are using? The list of
questions/topics just goes on and on…

This will be an extraordinary session where sharing experiences and
learning from each other will be a priority.  It doesn’t matter what your
role or title, if you support educators in using technology to support,
enhance, extend or create totally new learning experiences for students

This session is sponsored and underwritten by *SHI*.  It is free (including
lunch) to the first 30 people who sign up who are also attending at least
one day of the regular *Vermont Fest 2013* Conference.

We wish to thank *SHI *for their generous support!!