I would be glad to create a survey so we can compile some of this type of data and share it w all who complete it
What other questions would folks like to know about google and schools?

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Thank goodness for email--I sound like a frog with allergies and a change of season cold....

Would love to hear from GAFE schools about what GAFE core apps you make available to students in what grade levels.  Our SU is looking at this now and would like to know what other VT schools are doing.

It seems like all core apps should definitely be available in grades 5+.  

1) But what are you doing with Gmail and younger grades? Do you create mail accounts for grades 2? 3? 4? Limited only to your domain??

2) What are you doing with tools like Blogger, Custom Search, Maps, Google Books, etc.  which are not covered under the GAFE Terms of Service?

3) How do you handle sites? Can all students make their sites 'public' or do you have age/grade levels for just within the domain?

4) Any brave souls turn on Google+ for ages 13+?  What has been your experience?

Many thanks for sharing and I will be happy to summarize responses and report back as long as I don't have to talk....


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