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So many facets of this question: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT that focuses on pedagogy, curriculum change (why do we do this, anyway?) and the nuts and bolts of working digitally (does workflow involve GAFE, and/or LMS? What is the readiness factor?) classroom management strategies, when and where tech instruction will be integrated with content and by whom...   Policies and procedures, preparation on the tech end for the "build" (incl. selection of tools, regardless of platform,) imaging, distribution and ongoing support for hardware/software as well as user training (teachers AND students.) There are a lot of schools traveling this road, and hopefully we will all continue to share what we have developed and learn together!

In terms of "gearing up," hopefully your teachers can begin to think through much of this sooner rather than later and "pilot" with existing resources? Do they have information about what has been done at your middle school, so that they can build on that?

Eric Hall
Technology Integration Specialist
Mount Mansfield Union High School
Chittenden East SU

On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 8:29 AM, Raymond Ballou <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Dear All

Our existing 1-1 program had/has constraints that made planning easy.

The number of teachers was limited and the choice of device was limited.

Anyone have any suggestions about how to make the transition from 3 teachers and no choice in device to 15 teachers and any number of choices in device?

Our class of 2018 will be moving out of our middle school 1-1 (existing program) and into our new high school 1-1 program (does not exist yet).

Obviously choice of device will/should be the LAST thing on the planning agenda.

Anyone have a timeline or scope and sequence for this kind of thing?



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