For me it was about having a plan of how it would be used daily in the classroom.   This was a large part of why I created   It was to support MSJ's, and WNWSU's 1:1 program (Technically I developed it for a 3rd grade classroom that went 1:1 in Rutland City). 

Another thing that needs to happen is to have teachers spend "time" rewriting their lesson plans for a 1:1 digitized classroom.   I am not an iPad fan but they force the teacher to rewrite their lesson plans to use them.   Going with Chromebooks or windows devices it is easier for the teacher to just use the same old plan which is both good an bad.

Also expectations.  A 1:1 program should not be seen as a tool students are expected to use every class, every day, rather what it provides is "Always Access" not "Always on".   This allows the teacher the freedom to use tools that they may have been reluctant or not considered in the past.

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Maybe the question I should have asked was (simpler questions, no less complicated answer).

What makes a 1-1 program succeed?


So many facets of this question ...