Hi Everyone, 

Just wanted to remind you all of the meeting tomorrow at 7:00 in Terrill 207 (the building attached to the Davis Center). If you have not already turned in your application, please bring it to the meeting! We cannot make a schedule until we have everyone's commitment, availability, transportation information, and contact information, all of which is to be filled in on the application. 

There have been a lot of questions as to what SEEDS is, so to clarify, Student Environmental Educators Doing Service is part of the umbrella organization Volunteers in Action (VIA). As a part of SEEDS you will work in pairs or small groups of UVM students and travel to the elementary schools of the Burlington area. There you will lead children in an after school program to teach them about the environment. You can create your own lesson plan, or get ideas from the hundreds we have on file. The time commitment is about 1 hour a week at the elementary schools, and short meetings with us every two weeks. SEEDS runs on a semester basis. 

If you are looking to be involved with SEEDS this semester I highly recommend coming to the meeting tomorrow. Otherwise you may have to wait until second semester, which is not uncommon. 

I hope this answers any questions you have, if not feel free to shoot me an email or bring them up at the meeting tomorrow. See you then!

Keep on keeping on,