Looks like a sanderling but I defer to the experts....

But, along the idea of id help.  Last week, I sent links to some pictures
to Jim Mead and he graciously helped me with an id (Thanks, was a
life bird for me)  Last night, my sister-in-law sent me some pix of fall
warblers and I could id all but one for her.  Is there a good" or best way
to ask people for id help?  I don't want to annoy.....


On Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 8:41 AM, Larry and Mona Rogers <
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>     We were at Jones Beach on Long Island last week and saw a lot of
> medium sized sandpipers with black legs, a longish slightly downcurved
> bill, and dark eye stripe and neck ring.  We can't figure out what we saw.
>  They looked ploverish but the bill was too long and thin.
>     We realize that this has very little to do with Vermont birds but
> would appreciate some help.
>     Thanks,
>         Larry and Mona