My guess is a tree frog.

 From: Jane Stein <[log in to unmask]>
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Sent: Tuesday, September 3, 2013 12:25 AM
Subject: [VTBIRD] Peeper or tree frog?

I just discovered a very small amphibian clinging to my kitchen window. 
  He/she measures a scant 1 inch from butt to tip of nose.  His/her 
throat is vibrating strongly, but I can't hear a thing through two 
layers of glass (and slightly less than perfect hearing). And I can't 
see his/her coloring beyond his underparts, which are sort of ordinarily 
froggy pale, light gray-ish-whitish to greenish-tinged on the edges.

Could this be a peeper?  It does seem too small for a tree frog, one of 
which I also once discovered clinging to the same window but in early 
summer. Do peepers do this?


On 9/2/2013 8:37 AM, Hilke Breder wrote:
> I'd like to thank everyone concerned for your input on the mystery sounds!! So the consensus
> is it's a spring peeper, prompted perhaps by the shortening days; and possibly a young male
> trying out his voice. Our house is next to a wetland and in the spring the peepers are
> deafening. ( And yes, Kent, I am going to
> enter my recordings into the Vermont Atlas of Life
> Hilke Breder
> Brattleboro