Another open source and free alternative is PMB. Developed by a French
company, it provides an English interface.

All necessary functionalities are available, including z39.50 connection to
import records from LC (including indexation). It can be hosted on cheap
webhosting (need PHP and MySQL) or locally using dedicated sofwtare (xAMPP,

See our catalogue , we are very happy
with it (also acts as OAI-PMH repository).

If interested, you can:
- Read more about it
- Download the software: 4.x includes
"portal" functionalities, version 3.5 is the one we
- Read the help (in French): general , and specific help to
install under xAMPP
- Subscribe to the mailing list to get help



2013/9/4 Cheryle Cann <[log in to unmask]>

> Dear Medlib-l'ers,
> I've begun working at ITT Technical Institute Earth City's Learning
> Resources Center.  Much of our collections are available in our "Virtual
> Library" with a heavy emphasis on EbscoHost and ProQuest databases and many
> ebooks.
> We also have a small collection of actual real physical books which very
> closely mirror the textbooks being used in the current quarter.  These are
> in case someone needs to borrow for a day (or longer period).  They are
> arranged by course number and shelved accordingly.  In addition we have two
> sections of books which do not have as specific a purpose, but are there to
> refer to when needed.  They are a mess.  Some have been cataloged and have
> Library of Congress call numbers.  Others are labelled with a course number
> (current quarter?).
> My intention is to catalog all of the collections with Library of Congress.
> I'd like to be able to find out if we own a book (virtually or physically)
> by looking it up in this catalog.
> Do any of you have any suggestions of software I might use which would
> allow me to build this searchable catalog?
> Whatever ideas you may have will be greatly appreciated.
> Cheryle
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