Hey EWB,

To consolidate everything into one fun night, we will have one big work session Monday 10/14 at 6 PM. We will work on the medicine cooler, putting the pump design application together, and go over the 501b application for our project in Nicaragua. We might even start putting some words together for the dome project as it nears completion (hopefully).

So, if you had a section to write-up for the pump design try to do it by Monday night and either bring it our email it to me.

We will have some sort of food, TBA, to fuel our brains as power through the work session as well. Feel free to come at anytime starting at 6 and get involved. We will have plenty to do Monday night.

We could still use some more people for dome building on Sunday too- Leaving 9:30 am and getting back around 3 or so!

That's all for now. Have a great weekend!

P.S> Keep selling them doughnuts!

Baxter Miatke

UVM Engineers Without Borders President
Chem 31 Recitation Leader/ Learning Skills Tutor
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