My issue with the VHC is that I have to provide my personal information to get the ball rolling. I think the account should be in the name of the town with the town’s FID# & town information with me as the contact.  Instead, they want my personal info, ie:  dob & my ss#.  When I called VHC stating I was not comfortable with it, I was told that’s the way it is & they have no plans to change it.

This morning I decided to bite the bullet & proceed, against my conscience, & a screen pops up with identity questions concerning my personal car loan & a former (incorrect) address.

It’s none of their business.  I’m not eligible for the insurance, I won’t benefit from it, why should my “personal” information be out there.


At this point, the town acct has not been set up.   Is it just me?


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Is anyone else having any luck signing your town into the website? I can't fathom how many hours are being wasted across the state on this process. I've made 3 calls to tech support over the last two days for three different errors and the answer has been "try again later" - there is no such thing as technical support. I will try again tomorrow.

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