I know lots of schools who have been using EDUCREATIONS  with younger
students because of its ease of use  for a long time.

I"m NOT SURE  if this is the case with EDUCREATION , but I suspect that we
are going to see a LOT of changes in the Terms of Service for Mobile Apps

Many of the  changes to COPPA this year  were targetted towards MOBILE

Here is one example of APP developers getting warned about collecting
information (including sounds of chiildren)

 I think that Mobile Apps "in APP purchase",  Game Center,  etc  might have
been the target  in terms of their advertising to kids in ways that also
collected personal information,  but I'm afraid we are going to see "many
companies"  make blanket changes to their policies.

We Video was one such app that has responded with an EDUCATIONAL version of
their App (for a fee)

VoiceThread also has responded in a similar fashion by offering

I hope that  these app makers will chose to make an option available to
younger children (even if we have to pay for a fence  or walled garden)
instead of making a blanket change to terms of service.


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> We did the same thing. Teacher account for uploading, but the kids only
> had access to the one iPad so it was pretty easy to do.
> Just a heads up - unless the app has been updated, some of our kids had
> the permissions set to private and we couldn't change them through the app.
> We had to log on to the account using a computer to make those changes.
> Joanne
> On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 1:13 PM, Edith Fogarty <[log in to unmask]>wrote:
>> To be honest, I didn't check the terms of service when I did this, but I
>> created a teacher account for the kids to upload to, sort of like a drop
>> box idea.  The teacher would be the only one actually accessing the
>> presentations on the account.
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>>> Greetings!
>>> Trying to solve some work flow problems in our middle school's 1-to-1
>>> iPad initiative.  One of the apps out math teachers love is Educreate,
>>> since it allows students to clearly show (and tell) their thinking when
>>> solving math problems.  Saving to the iPad is easy, sharing with the
>>> teacher is difficult.  Uploading to the Educreate site *would *solve
>>> the problem - but their Terms of Service requires be 13 years old to have
>>> an account.  This eliminates most of our students.
>>> Anyone know if Educreate allows schools to act *in loco parentis* (like
>>> Google Apps for education does), so we can let students younger than 13
>>> have/use accounts?  I don't see this as an option on their site, but
>>> sometimes these things remain a bit hidden.  Failing that, anyone have a
>>> good suggestion for quickly and easily sharing these projects with the
>>> teacher?  Or does anyone have a better suggestion for a "whiteboard" app?
>>> Thanks!
>>> Drew
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